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Siren: Protect celebrates African History that shapes our Human Experience.


Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc started as a performance group in 2008, touring the United States and Canada with our unique blend of educational and artistic programs that incorporates the diverse cultures and histories of Africa. As we performed for audiences across the world, including African Presidents and many other foreign dignitaries, we realized a higher calling to spread the 3 Rs (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) through our African music and body movement. Among the most passionate fans were children, many of whom had never seen their ancestral dances before. Soon, our non-profit organization began an educational initiative, bringing multicultural performances to underprivileged youth in Brooklyn through in-school residencies and after-school programs

The Arts

The movement to blend art, history, and community has spread throughout Brooklyn with enthusiasm. In just a few short years, we’ve expanded from our dance roots to encapsulate community dialog, culinary events, and environmental activism. Through the classroom to the streets, the Protectors are defenders of the Earth that touch the lives of thousands of New Yorkers and descendants of Africa everywhere they go
Today, Siren is embarking on the next step as we begin development on a flagship community center in Brooklyn. This self-sustaining African Cultural Compound will house historical exhibits across generations, host educational classes, feature artistic dances, and lead community discussions of contemporary topics with historical context. The complex represents the growing heart of the Protectors, and gives a home to the knowledge passed down from forbearers across generations.