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The diverse cultures and histories of Africa come alive in our educational and artistic programs by using African Dance to spread the 3 Rs - Reuse, Recycle, Reduce - of protecting the environment for generations to come. Students learn about artistic expression in the context of passionate advocacy - even their stage and costumes are made of recycled materials!

The group incorporated in 2015 with the understanding to build on core values and respect the traditional knowledge, historic and artistic traditions that were passed down to us. We continually take classes from local Masters which we share with the community.

Among our driving principles are to build upon our culture and share it with the world through live performances, pass the appreciation onto the next generation through residencies and workshops, and promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging physical activity.

We continuously create community-based programs that advocate environmental sustainability through a “Grow Your Own” concept and give a global perspective with our Environmental Exploration & Clean-Up trips in Cameroon and around the world.

Registred as a NYC Board of Education Vendor

We are registered as a vendor with the NYC Board of Education. Our vendor number is listed above. We offer our services through individual classes, workshops, and performances. At the end of each workshop series, students have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned through exams and in-school performances, outside theatre shows or as part of a drum or dance circle within their school community.

Our Services can be procured through individual classes, based on our current running project and or by a performance workshop. Individual classes are priced based on artist's expert level and the tools required for a successful implementation of your program. Drum classes come with drums for students that the school can keep provided there is a semester-long residency. If you choose our current running project, there’s a minimum of 3 days a week with 3 artists (theatre, dance & music) and a 12-week residency contract. Below is a list of our course offerings

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