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The Compound builds upon Siren’s roots in

Africa and African-inspired artwork, history, and education


A little about our dream

Since our inception in 2008, Siren has grown tremendously throughout New York, particularly among our community of Brooklyn. Our performances have grown too big for our venues, our dialogs have become too popular for our spaces, and our impact needs a larger space to thrive.

The African Cultural Compound will serve as Brooklyn’s defining cultural institution for African and African-inspired artwork, history, and education. This unique building will draw thousands in from a wide variety of backgrounds, including people eager to discover their roots, partnerships with other non-profit organizations in NYC, and people exploring new cultures.

History In The Seams

Compound = Community

Historic items from across Africa and the diaspora will be showcased at the Compound. These exhibits serve to illuminate key periods in humanity’s history, dating from the earliest days in Africa, to shed light and meaning to our goal of a global community and one green planet.

Anchored by a Performance Area, the Compound builds upon the Siren’s roots in African Dance to invite visionaries from all around the world to share its stage before an audience that can seat over 500 viewers. When not in use for a performance, our community dialogs and speaker series will utilize the space for Brooklyn’s premiere cultural experience.

Why should you take part in this historic event?

Community learning is facilitated by four classrooms, which will host field trips from the area, continued learning classes for adults, and electoral programs across a wide variety of disciplines on the weekends.
By blending together art, education, current affairs and community issues to form a self-sustaining complex, the African Cultural Compound stands to serve as the pinnacle of anthropological exploration and Africa’s lasting impact.